Paperless Option!

"One of BoldSecure's goals in 2020 is to reduce our carbon footprint in our environment." The Paperless option of processing your business background searches completely online will help accomplish that goal. The paperless process is simple and fast. Speak to your BoldSecure Sales rep for more information.

Our Paperless option is as simple as a link and a code. We will provide you a business link identifying your company, and pass codes for the specific search you require. Your applicant will then have access to read, agree or disagree to the releases. If they disagree, the background will not not continue. If they agree with the terms, they will be redirected to the application page and can begin to fill out their personal information. When done and with one click, they can review then click again on the request button. You will receive an email informing you that a background search is waiting for your approval. Once you approve that search for processing, it begins the screening process. You will be notified in 24 to 48 hours that your search has been completed and is ready for review.

You still have the option to use paper applications and releases, but remember those releases must be in a secured cabinet that is locked, and and that is located in a secure area within your facility. The Fair Credit Reporting Act requires the utmost security for consumer's personal information.

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